OUT NOW on Fulmen Records: Luna EP by Aber Wann

Luna is a new release by Aber Wann on Fulmen Records. The original track is a spell, a chant of worship to the Moon: Aber Wann, as a witch, takes strength from the Goddess and subdues her enemies with the powers of the night. El Fulminador takes the song one step further into darkness, expanding the spell with the echoes of a distant choir and piercing melodies flying over the mysterious whisper of unknown creatures. As a finale for the ritual, Andres Komatsu transforms Luna into a cathartic rapture of ecstatic possession, inviting listeners and dancers to let go, lose their minds and visit the depths of netherworld for 5 minutes and 17 seconds. Luna vim suam mihi tribuit! Tē sub potestātem meam redigō!

In terms of music style, the EP goes from a old school sounding original with ominous pads and tribal percussion, to Dark Disco and Slow Techno with analog synthesizers and potent basslines.

Aber Wann is a producer, DJ and video editor from Argentina. A Fulmen collaborator since the early days, her work includes acting and editing on some of the most acclaimed music videos produced by our house, and also being part of our DJ crew. With her debut EP, Aber Wann proves she’s got the rhythm, the style and the darkness flowing through her veins. Not to mention the words in classical Latin language, an all times favourite at Fulmen Records.


Release date: April 19th 2019
Catalogue number: FULMEN 067

Original composed by Aber Wann.
Remix on track 02 by El Fulminador.
Remix on track 03 by Andres Komatsu.
Mastering by Cotton Bud.

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