Out now on Fulmen Records: Afterlife by Shit Face

This is the second album by our favorite psychedelic trio on Fulmen, a solid succesor to their previous release “Continuum”.

With ‘Afterlife’, Shit Face takes listeners on an enthralling odyssey through the depths of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. With its blend of chill out, ambient, and trip hop, this work serves as a gateway to an ethereal universe of sound.







‘Afterlife’ weaves a tapestry of dark passages and uplifting moments, developing a storyline through mystical dimensions, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of the human psyche and the mysteries of the great beyond.

Prepare to be absorbed in a transformative soundscape that defies traditional categorization.


Release date: September 12, 2023
Released by: Fulmen Records

All songs composed by Shit Face (Quique del Bianco, Daniel Nimand & El Fulminador).
Recorded in Berlin, Germany 2019 – 2022.
Guest vocals on Track #3 “Phoenix”: Utopyk Jones.
Mixed and mastered at Havana Beats, Berlin.
Mix and Mastering Engineer: Luis Estrada.

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