2011 is an album by Utopyk & El Fulminador released on Fulmen Records. The album contains 8 songs, including Rätsel and Neubauten, released previously as maxisingles, and 6 more tracks going from dark Slow Techno to electroacoustic pieces with lyrics in Spanish, German and English.

The album also features artist like Guido Yannitto (AR) on the vocals of “Penumbras” and the Spanish producer Tarmac as collaborator on the song “Heroes”. In terms of style the album shows a broad variety, intertwining reminiscences old school Electronica and Rock with the unique sound of Utopyk & El Fulminador, although mantaining a perfect coherence from the beginning til the end.



Released July 21, 2016

All tracks composed by Utopyk & El Fulminador.
02 Heroes: Lyrics and recording engineering by Tarmac.
07 Penumbras: Vocals by Guido Yannitto.





Utopyk & El Fulminador – Rätsel (Original) from Fulmen Records on Vimeo.

Utopyk & El Fulminador – Penumbras from El Fulminador on Vimeo.

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